When will you migrate my account(s)?
We will begin migrating accounts in late March. We expect that the entire migration will last three to four months and that all customer sites will be hosted on the new platform by the end of June. To provide individual attention to each account, we plan to migrate sites one at a time, testing each site’s core functionality on the new platform before completing the move.

We will let you know ahead of time the date we plan to migrate your account; you will have an opportunity to reschedule that date if you prefer.

Is there anything I should do right now?
There is nothing you need to do right now. When the time comes, we encourage you to be actively involved in your account’s migration — after all, you know your site best! We will be in frequent communication with you once we’re ready to begin migrating customer accounts, so keep an eye out for messages from us. The “from” addresses we’ll use include transition@netfirms-inc.com, support@netfirms-inc.com, and noreply@netfirms-inc.com. Stay tuned!

Will the migration disrupt my services?
We are making every effort to ensure that the migration does not disrupt your website and e-mail services. We have developed a comprehensive quality assurance process: we will simultaneously host your site on both the old and new platforms, and we will vigorously test functionality on the new platform to make sure it matches that of the old. Once your account has passed this QA process, we will point DNS to your site on the new platform, completing the migration.

If you prefer, we will also give you an opportunity to review your site on the new platform manually before re-pointing DNS.

Why are you making these changes?
We started Netfirms 13 years ago with a goal of delivering top-notch hosting and domain services to as many people as we could. Today, with 1.2 million hosted domains, we can’t help but be proud of how far we’ve come – and how far you’ve taken us. And now it’s time to take the next step: bringing our vision, our passion and our support to even more people in the coming years.

To help us take that next step, one of the top web hosting and domain management teams in the industry has acquired the Netfirms hosting and domain business. We realized that we needed a more scalable infrastructure, and that moving to an existing hosting platform, with proven reliability, would cause far less disruption to customer accounts than developing a solution in-house.

The new Netfirms team has been in the business even longer than we have, and we trust them not only to continue providing the great service you’ve come to expect, but also to offer a variety of new features to help you better manage your websites and domains. More importantly, they have a proven track record of delivering on the same vision that we’ve all worked toward for the past 13 years.

Will you be raising prices?
We have no plans to adjust pricing. In fact, many of the new products and services we plan to offer will be included in your current plan at no extra cost.

Will you be changing the Terms of Service?
While we have no plans to make significant changes to the Terms, they are “living” documents, and we encourage you to review them regularly. Please take a moment to review our revised Terms of Service, which will take effect on April 1, 2011.

Will you continue to support features available on the existing platform?
We plan to support almost all of the products, services and tools that we offer today. Our goal, after all, is to provide you with additional services, not limit your current offerings!

If we do eliminate an offering, whether now or in the future, it will always be carefully considered and for good reason — e.g., the offering represents a security risk, is obsolete or has extraordinarily low usage. If there are any changes to offerings we support, we will provide you notice of the changes, as well as alternatives.

What will happen to my existing e-mail messages?
If you store your e-mail on your local computer (via a POP client, such as Outlook), the migration will have no effect on your existing messages. Following your account’s migration, your mail should continue to be delivered to your inbox as normal, though you may need to update your mail client settings.

If you store your mail on the web (on our servers), we will migrate your e-mail messages to the new platform, along with your web files; following your account’s migration, you should still have access to your old messages. However, storing large amounts of mail on the web can lengthen the amount of time it takes to migrate your account, complicating our quality assurance testing process. We strongly encourage you to clean up your mailboxes — delete messages you no longer need, and empty your trash (you might be amazed at how large your trash folder is) — or store your mail locally to improve the speed and success of your account’s migration.

What is happening to accounts hosted with Nexx Online?
Nexx Online and Netfirms have been sister companies for many years. As part of the transition to the new platform, Nexx customers will manage their accounts through Netfirms directly, and new accounts will be created on the new Netfirms platform, not on Nexx. We anticipate that customers who had previously managed their accounts via Nexx will enjoy being Netfirms customers — for one thing, their hosting plans will now include more features.

What is happening to the reseller program?
On the new platform, resellers will have access to a multi-account management tool that will allow them to access all of their accounts from one convenient interface; however, the reseller program itself will be discontinued, along with any private-label branding resellers may be using. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What is happening to the affiliate program?
March 2: The new Netfirms team is very committed to continuing to grow the affiliate marketing channel. We’ll be sending an email message with more details to all our affiliates in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re promoting Netfirms, keep up the good work!

March 23: Update: As part of this transition, we’re updating our affiliate program, making it easier than ever to make money by promoting Netfirms. Learn more >>

What happens to my domain privacy?
If you have domain privacy today, you will have domain privacy when your domain is moved to Tucows, as well. The exact content of the privacy will differ slightly, but your personal information will remain private.

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